Thumbs Up

Jessica is social media! She translates the confusing points to an easy to understand platform. Her FINGER CANDY FRIDAY blog on Full Throttle Country is one of the most read and I get comments all the time about her new media prowess
Chuck Geiger, Managing Editor
Full Throttle Country


“My involvement in media and social/cultural commentary depend on technology…. I credit Jessica Northey, the queen of social media, with introducing me to the benefits of social media and taking the fear and mystery out of using it.  Through her very customized approach and savvy marketing skills, she has helped me build and expand on what I had already established.  My columns, radio and television appearances are reaching wider audiences and I am able to alert my family, friends, readers, and fans of a media appearance instantly – which is important since many of my bookings are on short notice due to breaking news.

Rachel Campos-Duffy
Television Host/Reality TV Star/Pundit/Author/Blogger

“#CMChat is like having an online meet and greet….but you are not on a strict schedule so you’re able be able to interact and answer questions from Fans without feeling rushed.”
- Nick Hoffman – The Farm

“The most innovative use of social media is Jessica Northey’s #CMchat on Twitter! It has not only become a first class way to promote what you are doing but Jess has made it THE hip and cool place to be. I have met some wonderful people here. I have
also been introduced to some Tweet profile types that have been very meaningful but mostly #CMChat is FUN!!!”
- Joe Bonsall / The Oak Ridge Boys

“Social media has become a vital part of an artist’s career. Prior to me being on #Cmchat, I was a stranger to the online chat format, but I knew I had fans who had questions that they wanted to ask but maybe wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing so without a format.”
-Gwen Sebastian, “The Voice”

#CMChat is a very good way to connect with millions of people within one hour. I always drop in, even if I can’t stay the entire hour.”
- Duane Allen / Oak Ridge Boys

“I gained many new followers, and connected with people I most likely would never have connected with, & continue with these new found online relationships. Jessica Northey is the Twitter Queen!”
- Rhonda Vincent


“I could say that Jessica is a bright shining star in a field of social media know-nothings.
I could say that Jessica
has a staggering grasp of social media and has had since its infancy.
I could even say that Jessica
knows her stuff in the realm of social media.
I will say, instead, that Jessica Northey
is the Queen Of All Social Media and she tells you what she’s going to do, then she goes and does it – and the results are never less than spectacular.”

Larry Pareigis, President
Nine North Records


“I don’t know anything about internet networking! I had a Facebook, Myspace & just started a Twitter account that I didn’t even know how to use… but because Im an artist I was told I needed one. It was such a pain to go to each site an post the same messages to get the word. Finger Candy Media linked everything together, showed me how I could post one time and be done AND how I could do it from ANYWHERE with my phone. Im like a Social media junkie now. I can even send messages, photos, and videos from stage and keep my fans up to date. Speaking of fans… when Jessica went to work on my account I had 127 people following me. In 3 days I had 1150 and it keeps growing! I would recommend her to anyone… she’s the best kept secret for social media!”

Stephen Cochran
Country Music Artist

“My initial thoughts about social Media were… who cares? But after talking to Jessica I realized what a value it was to my type of entertainment and how much it could work for me and the clients I have. Jessica was really great at breaking things down in to layman’s terms and helping me to understand what I needed to… not what other people have done like promise a set up and then leave me with social networking that I had no clue how to run. Now I have websites that connect and I know how to promote myself and in the short time Ive had to work with everything the response to my pages have been overwhelming!!! Finger Candy Media and Jessica Northey ROCK (and Country)!!”

Andie Lynne
Radio Personality/Comedian/Artist Consultant


Jessica brings not only an infectious enthusiasm to her work, she brings an enormous talent to be able to think out lof the box. Her ideas and depth of knowledge in many different media related areas make her exceptionally valuable to anyone working on, or developing project ideas. She becomes a major asset to anyone who partners with her.”

Mark Margulies, OWNER

“My initial approach to social media was one of confusion. I thought it could be of value for my business, but I was at a loss to know how to implement it all. When I talked to Jessica, she gave me examples of how she was using social media for her own business and how it was working. She also spent time learning about my business and goals. This information enabled her to create the social media plan tailored to my needs. I now understand that social media will allow me to develop a following and create a base of potential customers who want my products.

Jessica taught me how to tie all of my social media accounts together so I could apply my efforts to everything at one time. She gave me shortcuts that allow me to optimize my time and resources. Jessica knows her subject matter and it is clear that she practices what she teaches. She has hands on experience and knowledge that she shares freely. She is a delight to work with, and I recommend her to anyone who wants to learn how to promote his or her business using social media.”

Gigi Centaro
America’s Cooking Cheerleader/Let’s Cook Tonight LLC


Jessica is highly creative and professional and a pleasure to work with. I hope to work with Jessica one day again”

Mark Lillie
Placement Director at Ohio Center for Broadcasting
Owner-Consultant at Lillie Media


“I was first introduced to the social media market by Jessica Northey and Finger Candy Media in late August 2009. The response and the business that was brought in the next few months because of our Twitter account/Facebook accounts has been largely do to the training, set-up and monitoring by the women of Finger Candy Media and Jessica Northey. They have opened up new avenues for my business to expand, grow and succeed.”

Chuck Stopani, Owner and President
Daglio’s Cheesesteaks and Hoagies/Sajco Inc

Jessica was always a top biller at Wilks Broadcasting, and also was always willing to think ‘outside the box’ and make sure every campaign/client had something that was unique for them and their business. She was always at the front of ‘new technology’ or ways to enhance business for both station and client. All of this leads to her success and will continue to do so.”

Jason Squires, Director of Programming/On-Air midday personality
KFRR – 104.1, Wilks Broadcasting


Jessica Northey demonstrates a perky, persistent and powerful demeanor. I have witnessed the joy that she brings to her clients when creating a presenting amazing promotions. AND….She does an excellent job with follow-through. She does wonderful job in all projects that she touches. She is a gem!”

Steven Barra, Senior Account Manager,
Peak Broadcasting


Jessica is a very creative, hard worker that goes the extra mile for her clients. She believes in the products she sells and uses them to the fullest to get her clients the best results possible.”

Tami Peluso, Sr. Account Manager
Peak Broadcasting


Jessica is very helpful and you can tell the passion she has for marketing. She is a social media expert and I would recommend her to anyone looking for information and assistance with this cutting edge marketing tool!”

Brad Tayloe, Sales
Brite Sky Solar, LLC


“I recommend Jessica to business owners who would like to stay ahead of the social media wave and keep up with competitors. If you snooze you lose. Jessica will provide a wealth of information to get your business on cyberspace.”

Hannibal Chinchilla, Principal
Barca Financial Group