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I Might Disappoint You.

TweetMy buddy, #DadChat and “A Dad’s Point-of-View” Radio Host  Bruce Sallan wrote a post about disappointment the other day. He always makes me think, and I have such high regard for  his passion, kindness and determination . If you don’t know him yet, giv’em a heller *that’s a hello/holler* especially if you are a parent, or even a child of a parent. I was a […]

Whats Your Social Media Game Plan for 2012?

TweetThis was originally written for a Broadcasting/Music community I have a column in, but change a couple job titles/adjectives and this could be any industry. Hat tip and big thanks to Guy Kawaksaki, Jay Albright, Scott Stratten, Valerie Geller, Sarah Austin, Andie Lynne, Amy Howell, Adam Drake and Nick Schneck for their practical and relevant 2012 […]

Ready to Go Radio…WorldWide

TweetThe 1st annual Worldwide Radio Summit, a virtual “United Nations of Radio,” is set to take place April 29th-30th, 2011 at the brand-new W Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. The Worldwide Radio Summit will spotlight the most important issues impacting radio today, as well as focus on the future of this crucial broadcast medium. A […]