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What IS Country Music?

Tweet Last week we did our first ever Google+Plus Hangout for Country Music Chat aka #CMchat+Plus. Joined by an esteemed panel of Country Music industry insiders including Charlotte Autry, Host, Young Country TV; Rick Barker, Artist Consultant; Matt Bjorke, Editor, Roughstock; Lauren Jo Black, CEO/Founder, CountryMusicIsLove; Chuck Dauphin, Columnist/Country Music Editor, Billboard; Jennifer Smith, Owner, […]

Change: The Invisible Juggernaut

Change, even when it involves getting out of bad circumstances, can be an invisible juggernaut.

6 Degrees of Twittaration

TweetI couldn’t think of a title for this post that said *exactly* what I was trying to say. Mostly because it is something I often wonder about, and even talk with other people about: Do celebrities, famous musicians and high profile people tweet for themselves?

Conversation IS the NEW Campaign!

Tweet Are you having conversations with your followers or just babbling and not listening? My Social Media philosophy/strategy has been to thank people who retweet or repost me, @reply to those who talk to me or about me; and thank those who mention me or “shoutout” at me. This can be an arduous task for me […]

Recipe for Social Media Success

TweetIt may be a far stretch to think that there is one recipe for everyone to get great results with Social Media, but like your Great Auntie’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, if you follow the directions you will not be disappointed. I am not saying that there is an exact science to Social Media but I […]