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3rd Screen Thursday: Adding Your Business To Automotive GPS Directories

TweetWhen opening a new location or business it can take a while for GPS databases to update and include your business in the point-of-interest sections. Most GPS units have the option to search for restaurants, retail and other small businesses and will display the results listed by distance. There are 3 main sites that share […]

3rd Screen Thursday: Why Social Networks Won’t Cannibalize SMS

TweetWe get asked the burning question of won’t Facebook or Twitter just take over SMS marketing in the future? How can all three continue to grow along with new competitors each day? Well we think that social media services are a precursor and perfect compliment to SMS marketing. If we see a business that is already […]

Mobile Advertising vs Yellow Pages

TweetIS YELLOW PAGE ADVERTISING DEAD? As a small business owner you get way too many visits from door to door salespeople. Among the worse are the suit and tie wearing yellow page sales people. We know first hand how they can ruin your afternoon. Having owned 5 restaurants in the past I can spot the […]

3rd Screen Thursday: The Future of SMS Marketing

TweetMobile marketing has grown at a huge rate in the last ten years, and with this growth we have seen mobile technologies from SMS to now encompass mobile apps, the mobile web, geo-location services and mobile display advertising. With so many technologies at the mobile marketer’s disposal and growing rates of Smartphone ownership worldwide, what […]

3rd Screen Thursday: QSR Marketing Shifts to Mobile Space

TweetQSR Marketing Shifts Full Gear to the Mobile Space Moto Message was featured in a new article about QSR mobile marketing from  Thanks again to Rick and the team at QSR Buzz for recognizing Moto Message and the help they are able to provide small businesses to enter the mobile marketing space. Most quick-service […]