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Mobile Marketing Demographic and Market Penetration

TweetJust a couple years ago marketing to consumers on their mobile phones seemed out of reach for most business owners. Many people wouldn’t have even considered wanting to get ads on their mobile phones bringing thoughts of their phones being stuffed with spam much like their email inboxes. While mobile coupons, text message marketing and […]

Third Screen Thursday: Strategy and Consistency with Mobile Marketing Pays Off!

TweetSTRATEGY AND CONSISTENCY WITH MOBILE MARKETING PAYS OFF Mobile marketing takes time. It is not something a business can test for a month and say, “We gave it a shot, what’s next?” It takes time to grow a mobile database of your subscribers, time for acceptance to grow amongst your customers and you need a […]

Third Screen Mobile-ability Tech Watch

TweetFound a couple of great articles posted today about Third Screen Technology/Mobile phone marketing and wanted to pass them along! When thinking about Social Media strategy–don’t leave out the mobile! 5 trends to watch in geo-location Real-time location tools are the future of the social Web, says former Digg architect and SimpleGeo co-founder Joe Stump. […]

Combining the Power of Mobile Marketing and Social Media

TweetMobile marketing is a natural extension of social media. If you are successful in promoting your business and spreading word of mouth advertising by “creating apostles” to your business with social media then mobile marketing is the next step to take to increase your customer interaction, frequency and sales. These platforms from Twitter, Facebook, mobile […]