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XM Radio Pioneer Lee Abrams Launches ‘Think’ TeleVisual Network

Tweet THINK TELEVISUAL NETWORK, “a dramatic reinvention of Television News” to be Launched by Industry Change Agents STEVEN SASLOW, LEE ABRAMS, and BRANDON DAVIS.  THINK TELEVISUAL NETWORK plans to “elevate the television news playbook into the digital age with a radical reinvention of the way news and information is produced and delivered.” A self-funded, joint venture from […]

Phoning It In

TweetThe Urban Dictionary defines “phoning it in” as just putting in a half-hearted effort at something, but completing it. This expression often pertains to work which IS complete that you pretended to have worked hard on it, when in fact little effort was made. *Derived from deciding to not physically attend a meeting in person, […]

Do “Traditional” Media Companies Scare Away Potential Employees? (guest post from Lee Abrams)

Tweetguest post from Media Mogul Lee Abrams     One reason the best and brightest are drawn to the new generation of Media companies is self inflicted. In looking for talent for upcoming ventures,  I can’t help noticing how so many companies recruit with the excitement level of a local government office. OK—if looking for scientists […]

MEDIA WARS 2011: Winning or Surviving? (Guest Post from Lee Abrams)

Tweetguest post from American Media Mogul Lee Abrams Winning in the new era is better than simply surviving….I think it’s more about a style of thinking and managing that is in sync with the great  multi front/platform media war we are immersed in. WHY CAN’T OLD MEDIA DO THIS? Below is simply another day on […]

Year in Review: Zeitgeist 2010

TweetZeitgeist: the general cultural, intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and/or political climate within a nation or even specific groups, along with the general ambience, morals, sociocultural direction, and mood associated with an era. Rather than give you my recap of 2010 I offer you this video that was forwarded to me from American media executive Lee Abrams […]