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Stop Broadcasting and Start Communicasting!

TweetThe other day a friend of mine in the “Entertainment” industry asked me to “follow” them on Twitter. Curiously, I took a peek at the profile. At first glance I noticed how this person was only following a handful of people and then, that they were only broadcasting information about what they were doing AND […]

Should I Follow Everyone on Twitter? by @ViktoriaFoxx

TweetThis article is shared with the permission of Viktoria Foxx a Socialite, Entrepreneur and Media Personality. You can check out her blog at: She is a Ukrainian celebutante, media personality, model, singer, politician and former beauty queen. Foxx was the first woman to win Miss Myspace USA. She is currently attending law school and lives in Beverly Hills. Should I Follow Everyone Back […]

Don’t Get Lucky-Get Results! 21 Ways To Get the Most From Twitter

Tweet I write about Twitter a lot because next to MySpace it is one of the easiest platforms to use in order to grow your Social Media Network. Facebook, LinkedIn, your Blog are limited to the people you bring to them, so it can be difficult to grow outside your existing network. Twitter is also […]

Whats Happening? Whats On Your Mind? What Are You Doing? from @JessicaNorthey

Tweet How do you answer these questions? It’s not polite or good SocialMediquette to divulge your bathroom practices, and unless you are looking for some menu ideas, discussing eating habits can be pretty lame as well. One of the questions people ask me the most is: “what should I tweet or post about?”This is a […]