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What IS Country Music?

Tweet Last week we did our first ever Google+Plus Hangout for Country Music Chat aka #CMchat+Plus. Joined by an esteemed panel of Country Music industry insiders including Charlotte Autry, Host, Young Country TV; Rick Barker, Artist Consultant; Matt Bjorke, Editor, Roughstock; Lauren Jo Black, CEO/Founder, CountryMusicIsLove; Chuck Dauphin, Columnist/Country Music Editor, Billboard; Jennifer Smith, Owner, […]

Is There A Downside To #Winning?

Trophy season is upon us….competition, acknowledgement and award shows, that are packed with heartwarming memories, infamous moments and even bureaucratic agendas.
But….what about the people who don’t win?? What happens to them?

Music Icon @CharlieDaniels Joins #CMchat on Monday, January 23 at 8pm CT

Tweet “Few individuals have symbolized the South in popular culture as directly and indelibly as Charlie Daniels.” From the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture. The Music industry has seen  a lot of changes over the years. Probably one of neatest to watch has been Artists/Musicians making the digital, and social media transition.  Not so long ago, the only […]