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Tweet Naked!

Tweet SEE CURRENT VERSION OF THIS POST TWEET NAKED The title wasn’t just a ploy to get you to read this blog post…I really do want to talk about “Tweeting Naked” or at least Tweeting from a perspective that offers a bare, unconcealing, transparent  manner…in other words:  just being yourself. For the past few years […]

Who’s Sleeping on “The Porch” Tonight?

TweetYou can bet that it won’t be Country Music Sensation  CJaye LeRose, as she continues to attract huge audiences through YouTube and Twitter. On December 29th, fellow Country Music Artists Jesse Rice and Chase Rice released a parody about CJaye’s song “The Porch” titled “My Money”. “Chase (CBS’ Survivor Nicaragua Cast Member) and I were talking […]

Finger Candy Media Update Friday

TweetFriday November 4, 2010 I am blessed to have some pretty cool people doing some amazing things in my life.This weekly update for clients/alliances is long time coming! Austin Keyes – You can catch Voice Over Actor working on The Celebrity Apprentice (NBC), Party Heat & Rehab at The Hard Rock Hotel on truTV + […]

Catch a Rising Star and Hang On: Meet CJaye LeRose, YouTube Sensation

TweetMeet YouTube sensation, CJaye LeRose, in her words, “a country sing’n-guitar pick’n-songwritin’-dog rescuin’ CHICK! Oh and check out YouTube thats where my STAGE is!” There is something about CJaye. A certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes her stand out from all the noise online. She has an approach to Country Music that is wholesome, […]