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What IS Country Music?

Tweet Last week we did our first ever Google+Plus Hangout for Country Music Chat aka #CMchat+Plus. Joined by an esteemed panel of Country Music industry insiders including Charlotte Autry, Host, Young Country TV; Rick Barker, Artist Consultant; Matt Bjorke, Editor, Roughstock; Lauren Jo Black, CEO/Founder, CountryMusicIsLove; Chuck Dauphin, Columnist/Country Music Editor, Billboard; Jennifer Smith, Owner, […]

The Digital Daypart – Using Social Media to Win in Broadcasting

Tweet In Broadcasting, dayparting is the practice of dividing the day into several parts where radio programming or television programming is aired or on the marketing side, bought. Programs are most often geared toward a particular demographic, and what the target audience typically engages in at that time. Rush hours are more specific to radio stations and traffic reports are usually […]

Reciprocation and the Art of Niceness

TweetDefinition of RECIPROCATION (from Merriam-Webster) 1 a : a mutual exchange b : a return in kind or of like value I happen to be the kind of person who gets from giving. In fact, the greatest reward I receive from Social Media comes from, just being nice to others. I am a giver…it’s in my DNA. Somewhere around the […]

Stop Broadcasting and Start Communicasting!

TweetThe other day a friend of mine in the “Entertainment” industry asked me to “follow” them on Twitter. Curiously, I took a peek at the profile. At first glance I noticed how this person was only following a handful of people and then, that they were only broadcasting information about what they were doing AND […]