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Do Not Read This Blog Post ;)

TweetThanks for not listening to me! Here are 5 reasons you might have read this blog post. 1.) Habit-You are a daily reader 2.) Curiosity-Title engaged you 3.) Trust- You trust me and what I post 4.) You think I am cute (thought I would sneak that in here) 5.) Content-You like to read about […]

Social Media Secrets Revealed (Part I)

Tweet “The right message, to the right people, the right amount of times.” This is the Holy Grail of  Advertising: Getting the message you want, transmitted to the ideal audience and having it hit right when you want it. You can have a great commercial but buy a very small schedule or you put a commercial that […]

#Tucson Spring into Social Media on 2/19 w/Jessica Northey & Nona Patrick!

Tweet Presented by Jessica Northey and Nona Patrick Learn the tools and tricks to create a successful social media presence. This workshop will show you how to increase business, brand recognition and how to make social media become a primary sales resource. You will gain the in-depth and a hands-on understanding of how to optimize […]


TweetThe Tenth Day of TWEETmas and we are halfway through!ON THE TENTH DAY OF TWEETMAS JUST PLANTING A SEED, BLOG ACROSS THE WORLD THROUGH TWIT-TER-FEED! (ya-I know that one was pretty bad!) -Set up You can use Twitterfeed so that every time you update your blog it will automatically post to your Twitter […]