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I Might Disappoint You.

TweetMy buddy, #DadChat and “A Dad’s Point-of-View” Radio Host  Bruce Sallan wrote a post about disappointment the other day. He always makes me think, and I have such high regard for  his passion, kindness and determination . If you don’t know him yet, giv’em a heller *that’s a hello/holler* especially if you are a parent, or even a child of a parent. I was a […]

Tweet Naked!

Tweet SEE CURRENT VERSION OF THIS POST TWEET NAKED The title wasn’t just a ploy to get you to read this blog post…I really do want to talk about “Tweeting Naked” or at least Tweeting from a perspective that offers a bare, unconcealing, transparent  manner…in other words:  just being yourself. For the past few years […]

Follow Me Now Follow Me Please, Follow Me @BlakeShelton Don’t Be a Tease!

Tweet The title is a line from the Tweet Before Christmas Video Parody.  I wrote it about a month ago and then called on some of Twitter’s most elite to “act it out” in an attempt to create a viral holiday video. In less than 4 days it has had over 1000 downloads and hundreds […]

Meet @BlakeShelton: Newest Opry Member & Pretty Freaking Funny Guy!

Tweet Recently I was a panelist/speaker at the #BrandsConf in New York addressing the Humanization of Brands as they exist on the cyber plain. As Larry Pareigis CEO/President of Nine North Records and I discussed what creates a Social Media presence that draws others in, we paid kudos to Blake Shelton for his enigmatic use of […]