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What Have You -tor For Me Lately?

TweetI am often asked how I decide what to tweet, or post about. There is not a simple answer and more than that, it really depends what your individual online goals are. I would love to say that there is a one-size-fits-all way to do it, but that just wouldn’t be true. Klout has some interesting […]

What Are You Doing in 2011?

Tweet 2011 has been a blur so far!  Much going on, both personally and professionally! This blog is my platform to share what I have learned, who I am learning it from and ideas from the Social/New Media and Public Relations community in general. I wanted to share some of the great events I have […]

Welcome to SocialMediology 101

TweetIt’s a WHOLE New Year and I am looking forward to NEW adventures and opportunities! I am very excited to announce my new partnership with ALL ACCESS! Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will be tips/ideas, then Wednesdays(Today) will be a full blog post done in a more editorial, instructional and/or entertaining way; filled with all the Jessisms […]