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Whats Your Social Media Game Plan for 2012?

TweetThis was originally written for a Broadcasting/Music community I have a column in, but change a couple job titles/adjectives and this could be any industry. Hat tip and big thanks to Guy Kawaksaki, Jay Albright, Scott Stratten, Valerie Geller, Sarah Austin, Andie Lynne, Amy Howell, Adam Drake and Nick Schneck for their practical and relevant 2012 […]

Must Tweet Monday: ACM Awards

TweetThis will be the regular ol’ Must Tweet Monday. There were a lot of great things coming out of Las Vegas and the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday night, and we’ll for sure take a look at those in a special ACM edition of Must Tweet Monday. But for now, let’s just take […]

Charlie Sheen & The Phenomenon of Gawker Blocker

TweetWhen I was an On-Air Traffic Reporter we used to refer to the people who slowed down to look at automobile accidents as, “Gawker Blockers.” I am not gonna lie, I admit to some rubber necking at a few collisions and for the past week have been watching this downward/upward spiral that is the Charlie Sheen Saga. Like him or […]