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Is Your Business Ready for Black Friday and All Other Days ?

If tradition holds, even in this economy, retailers whether brick and mortar or cyber, will see their business hit black today for the first time in 2012. Forecasters are calculating how much they think we’ll spend on Black Friday-the day after Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday-the Monday following the holiday weekend.

Don’t Get Lucky – Get Results! 21 Ways to Rock Twitter

TweetHappy St Patrick’s Day weekend from everyone here at the Finger Candy Media Blog (which is actually me, myself and my dog Sissy.) I always look forward to a holiday that offers a chance to drink green beer, and eat corned beef and cabbage! I had to throw in the sham to the ROCK. I thought […]

Are Smartphones Killing SMS Marketing or Are They Killing Themselves? #3rdScreenThurs

Tweet“Recently I’ve been having horrible nightmares. These nightmares aren’t the kind I had when I was a child though, these are much worse. These nightmares take me into the future and give me a glimpse of what the SMS industry has become. “ Derek Johnson posted On Mobile Marketing Watch and he continues to say: […]

5 Common SMS Marketing Mistakes #3rdScreenThurs

TweetEven with all of the information available on SMS marketing, it is still a relatively new marketing medium and with quick adaptation from businesses, mistakes do happen. Common mistakes can lead to lower opt-in rates, low redemption rates and a SMS marketing campaign that does not meet your expectations. Rimma Kats from Mobile Marketer helps […]

10 Ways To Find Customers With Mobile Marketing #3rdScreenThurs

TweetJohn Arnold wrote last week on about 10 ways small businesses can find customers using mobile marketing. John is the author of Mobile Marketing for Dummies, and Email Marketing for Dummies and he owns a marketing consultancy in Boulder, Colorado called Aveta Marketing that specializes in marketing strategies for small businesses and non-profit organizations.  He mentions Moto […]