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Managing Social Media During a Tragedy

TweetGUEST POST from Danielle Bowers We’re standing on the edge of a new frontier with social media.  Every step we take, every advance is new ground and we’re all learning as we go.  That said, we also have to figure out how to handle tragic events as they unfold. By now we’ve seen it happen on Facebook, Google+, […]

What Your Dog Can Teach YOU About Social Media

What Your Dog Can Teach YOU About Social Media
Over the years, I have picked up a few things about Social Media. Some from my broadcasting years, a lot on the job, like everyone else but it would be remiss if I didn’t mention one of my greatest teachers: Sissy Northey :)

Building a Social Media Army

Tweetar·my : noun -a body of persons organized to advance a cause When I decided to write this post I actually Google’d: “how to start an Army”, and to be honest, was a little scared of some of the things I found. In America, forming your own army or militia is a constitutional right (2nd amendment), and […]

Change: The Invisible Juggernaut

Change, even when it involves getting out of bad circumstances, can be an invisible juggernaut.

I Might Disappoint You.

TweetMy buddy, #DadChat and “A Dad’s Point-of-View” Radio Host  Bruce Sallan wrote a post about disappointment the other day. He always makes me think, and I have such high regard for  his passion, kindness and determination . If you don’t know him yet, giv’em a heller *that’s a hello/holler* especially if you are a parent, or even a child of a parent. I was a […]