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Twangout with @GuyKawasaki 12/19 Talking About His New Book #APE

Tweetby Jessica Northey Find me on Google+ Hey everybody! Happy Holidays! This Wednesday December 19 at 2pm PT/5pm ET, I will be hosting a LIVE VIDEO chat with the always Enchanting, Guy Kawasaki who just published a new book about publishing books. It’s called APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur–How to Publish a Book. We will be doing the […]

Meet @LizStrauss: An Irresistible, Authentic, Inside-Out Thinker!

TweetOne of the greatest benefits of doing this feature, “eViews with the Who’s Who” is that I get to know so many fantastic people.  Especially, those I have seen online and/or admired for some time. Liz Stauss is no exception!  She is a well known, Brand Strategist, Community Builder and Founder of SOBCon. She’s been called “a thought provoker, […]

High 5 Friday: Your Favorite People to Follow and Why #High5

Tweet Welcome to High 5 Friday! A day and time to introduce you to some NEW and NOT MET YET friends!! I have never really been a huge fan of “Follow Friday” and how it consumes the stream with the WHO and not the WHY so here is a way to meet new people to […]

6 Degrees of Twittaration

TweetI couldn’t think of a title for this post that said *exactly* what I was trying to say. Mostly because it is something I often wonder about, and even talk with other people about: Do celebrities, famous musicians and high profile people tweet for themselves?

A.M. Mayhem: Rap Music on the Radio?

TweetI dedicate this post to the friends I grew up with here in Tucson, in person and on the radio. The story of Power 1490 reminds me of the Bee: physics (or science) supposedly says it shouldn’t be able to fly, but don’t tell the Bee, it doesn’t know. I love all these guys, honor […]