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Is Your Business Ready for Black Friday and All Other Days ?

If tradition holds, even in this economy, retailers whether brick and mortar or cyber, will see their business hit black today for the first time in 2012. Forecasters are calculating how much they think we’ll spend on Black Friday-the day after Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday-the Monday following the holiday weekend.

Building a Social Media Army

Tweetar·my : noun -a body of persons organized to advance a cause When I decided to write this post I actually Google’d: “how to start an Army”, and to be honest, was a little scared of some of the things I found. In America, forming your own army or militia is a constitutional right (2nd amendment), and […]

I Might Disappoint You.

TweetMy buddy, #DadChat and “A Dad’s Point-of-View” Radio Host  Bruce Sallan wrote a post about disappointment the other day. He always makes me think, and I have such high regard for  his passion, kindness and determination . If you don’t know him yet, giv’em a heller *that’s a hello/holler* especially if you are a parent, or even a child of a parent. I was a […]

Sweat Equity

TweetIt’s not very often you hear about an “overnight” success that doesn’t end up being an, easy come, easy go story. Rebecca Black is a recent example, although I think she is getting some commercial work and if that’s what she was trying to do as a young musician, well then, there ya go… Most people […]

Are Your Social Media Followers Like Radio Listeners?

TweetWhat’s the #1 preset on your car radio? I was working in radio for a few weeks the first time I heard the term “P1”. I didn’t want to ask dumb questions so I pretended like I knew…”fake it til ya make it,” I always heard. Fast forward many years later, and I forget that […]