Originally posted Feb 2011  for this blog & March 2011 on ALL ACCESS.

The title wasn’t just a ploy to get you to read this blog post…I really do want to talk about “Tweeting Naked” or at least Tweeting from an authentic perspective that offers a bare, unconcealed, transparent  manner…in other words:  just being yourself.

I speak A LOT at conferences, panels, parties, even grocery stores in the produce section *true story* about having a Socialality. Maybe this is a new concept for you; comparable to what some call the humanization of a brand, I refer to your online personality as a Socialality.

A Socialality *exactly like* your Personality (or for Radio/TV, your Stationality) should reflect you or your brand’s unique attributes including behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental that show your character. The most beneficial use of Social Media is the combination of all the quirks and different things that make your or your brand distinct.

Let me be clear, transparency is GREAT but speaking of your divorce, recovery from alcohol/drug abuse, mental problems or erectile dysfunction borders on uncomfortable for your reader or at least I feel weird reading about that stuff, and if you are representing you, your brand or your company, could be disastrous! Unless you are a recovery institution or you sell Viagra, you might want to use the same PR rules that you do for your advertising/marketing plans.  You can be personable without, being too personal!

Blake Shelton‘s enigmatic use of Twitter, as a vehicle to connect, engage and entertain followers is the first example that comes to mind. He is snide, sarcastic, sentimental and a really funny guy. Shelton who made his Country Music debut in 2001 with single “Austin”  has charted more than seventeen singles, including seven Number One hits, but caught my eye when he started using Twitter as a way to express his “Socialality”…..and that he does! He is known for going to battle with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) in his anecdotal way and making outrageously funny comments to followers, including dialog with his “family jewels.”

Would Blake’s way work for everyone, heck no…definitely not me but he makes no excuses and does not claim to be a role model. Now does everyone need to display pundit like behavior to get their point across? Not necessarily…look at newer Country Artist CJaye LeRose: she innocently created a YouTube channel to raise awareness about animal adoption. Shortly after she wrote a song encouraging people to adopt pets and events escalated. Today, her YouTube channel has over 2 million views, 35,000 subscribers and over 19,000 Twitter Followers.

What Is Your Socialality?

To reiterate it should reflect you or your brands unique attributes including behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental that give you character! For celebrities, musicians, public figures this is closely tied to their image, essence or je ne sais quoi.

Picture this: You are at a Networking event talking to someone who mentions that there is going to be great weather for the NASCAR race this weekend. A few things could happen…your eyes might glaze over and you hear something that sounds like the teachers voice on Charlie Brown “waah wah wah, wah wah wah waah” or if you were to meet me, you would soon find out that I am a huge Motorhead!

Then the next person you talk to mentions that she used to work at her College Radio station. You relate to this because you used to work as an On-Air Radio Personality before getting into outside media sales. The person after that, like you, breeds Pomeranian-Chihuahuas. And then the next person drinks the same brand of wine as you.

The point is that we naturally filter out the noise of our personalities with each other and find the people that share our interests and passions.

Social Media does the same and is meant to be Social (a friendly gathering). You can be Personable without being too personal. Give a little of yourself…listen to what others say about themselves and then find out where similar interests lie. Take the time to get to know people before you share too much information just like you would in real life.

Social Media is an umbrella term that describes websites that connect individuals. An indicating quality of Social Media is user generated content. User generated content comes from all of our experiences, strengths, knowledge and hopes.

It’’s OK that you are a film making, pirate radio, Pilate’s instructing, Parrot breeding, Phlebotomist, Porn Star…you will find someone who has been there done that.

Start with what you are interested in: hobbies, skills, charity, industry, locality…. look for people who are interesting to you, express your interest in them, and then, try to be interesting. No one likes “bait and switch,” so be true to your Socialality/real-life personality and your followers will be true to you!

If you were describing to your children your Online Persona/Socialality what would you tell them?