This morning, I was thinking about how stretching is a natural and instinctive activity when I was watching Sissy wake up (it’s the second thing she does, after giving me loads of kisses and snuggles).

Stretching is a form of physical exercise where specific muscles or a group of muscles are deliberately elongated; the result, hopefully being increased control, flexibility and range of motion.

Stretching is also a natural happening to our physical being. Upon waking we yawn, move about make sure everything is still working. To stretch means to lengthen, widen, or expand.  This got me pondering about more than just the physical act. And when I think, I write. Stretching my mind, I suppose.

Just how am I stretching my physical, spiritual, emotional and mental “muscles”?

-Obviously I stretch (whether I want to or not, sometimes I feel my age, and it’s not so “29 forever” these days)
-Exercise, Yoga, Pilates, Sissy walks me, resistance training, treadmill
-Eat healthy, or healthier than I used to (thanks to Joyce Cherrier)
-Dance like nobody is watching
-Take Vitamins
-Walk away from unhealthy people, places and things MUCH faster than I used to (this covers all four “muscles”)

-Listen to LOTS of music
-Hang out with people MUCH smarter than me
-Attend conferences, seminars, webinars
-Read books, white papers, blogs, industry community posts, Facebook and Twitter status updates
-Download podcasts, watch online informational Vidcasts
-Apparently now days, I clean to clear my brain; I guess this could be physical too *it happens* sometimes I make big messes!

-I meditate, pray and listen for small voices and instincts inside my heart/head (a little freaky when they talk back.)
-Read books on this topic, the Bible, even Twitter and Facebook updates (yes,  Ann Tran, Pramit Nathan and Lotay, I am talking about you; you both stretch my spiritual being with your beautiful quotes, and I thank you for that.)


-I write, blog, tweet, post, send up smoke signals ;)
-Read some more anything I can these days
-Listen to you, to my heart and my soul
-Sing at the top of my lungs
-Cry whenever I want
-Take time to realize that a thought, followed by feeling, followed by an action can bring instant relief
-Tell others where my head is (I even have a therapist *transparency* right, don’t judge, you have no idea how great it is to pay someone to shut up and listen to you, not judge, and then tell you, “how does that make you feel”, and then you realize, YOU ARE FEELING…it’s a beautiful thing!)
-Take action and responsibility for what I do that hurts others (and I am an other), and when wrong, I promptly admit it (this is spiritual too)
-Journal (I really like putting pen to paper, I find a certain connect there with my right hand and left brain.)

I am not perfect, but I am STRETCHING; and learning to strengthen these “muscles”!

What are you doing to stretch yourself physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually?

You don’t have to leave details if you don’t feel comfortable, but feel free to have a therapy party on my blog with self-realization, I do it ALL THE TIME!

This is part of a series I call “True Northey” although it MIGHT seem unrelated to Social Media, the ability to be transparent, let others get to know you, is a key ingredient for connecting. It would be easy for me to say that my life is sunshine, rainbows and skittles BUT I am human. To me, Social Media/Social Networking is truly about transparency and letting you know that I am a real person with real emotions behind my Avatar.