Usually, I begin my day charging through life, like a bull in a china shop.

It was brought to my attention that when I am not centered, it is easy to become unfocused.  Bombarded by thousands of different forms of distractions, you can easily lose sight of what’s really important.

Meditation refers to any of the practices where you train your mind, or self-induce a mode of consciousness, in order to realize some benefit.  It is generally an internal, personal practice intended to express reflections that can guide you in contemplation.

Scientists say people who meditate regularly feel less anxiety and depression.  It is even known to generate relaxation and a sense of balance.  According to Michael J. Baime, Professor at Penn State Medical and Internal Medicine Specialist:

“Meditation cultivates an emotional stability that allows the meditator to experience intense emotions fully while simultaneously maintaining perspective on them.”

Yesterday a friend of mine in Nashville, Melissa Stewart tweeted, “Stop second guessing yourself.”  In my usual fashion, I responded with a wisecrack asking if 3rd guessing was OK. The next thought was, actually I can be pretty impulsive with decisions most times, not even a first guess…just a splash when I dive in.  In my line of work, Media and Marketing sales, that gut instinct has served me well, however in my personal life, not so much.  Since I am in the business of showing people how to be human online, I am not going to lie, marrying the best practices for using goal orientated Social Media to being a REAL LIVE person, can be a task! An arduous one at that.  I am not perfect and recognize my flaws. My saving grace has always been my passion to better myself in all aspects of life.

Like some of you, I feel the weight of the world on my shoulders every day, all day long.  I feel like if I can expose my vulnerabilities, I might invite openness and create a connection to another person who may struggle with something similar.

Meditation for me, is a work in progress, before I had coffee this morning, checked email, or any Social Networks, I went outside and sat quietly. I counted backwards from 180 (work in progress). Sure thoughts came and went, but somehow when I finished there was a source of peace and my head feels clear. I came back in the house, made a list of things I needed to do today, and felt inspired to share this with you in a blog post.

I am not an expert, but have seen an immediate benefit employing this practice into my morning routine.  Balance, is not something I am good at!

If you have an meditation tips, ideas, rituals…..I would be honored for you to share them or any of the ways you find balance in life. This *for me* is just the beginning and a perfect opportunity for growth for anyone personally and professionally.