iphoneSMS 150x150 SMS Text Messaging Still Number One

It has been confirmed before but a new study from Deloitte also tells us the SMS text messaging remains the number one use of mobile devices.  For those waiting to start mobile marketing campaigns and comparing its effectiveness to reach their customers versus other social media platforms don’t to wonder any more.

The study finds that  90%  of smartphone users send one or more text messages per day.  Compare that to only 40% of smartphone users that use the biggest social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook one or more times per day. Smartphone market penetration is estimated to be just under 30% today. By the end of the year that number should climb to around 50% but even with social network apps and perceived popularity, communicating through SMS text messaging remains the number one way to communicate due to the ease and immediate nature of sending and receiving text messages.

For business owners wanting to develop a mobile marketing strategy it is still a great idea to include multiple platforms and use social media sites and SMS marketing to connect with your customers.  Promote your mobile marketing campaign on social media sites to collect more opt-in subscribers. Customers are already engaged with you on these platforms and moving them to a text marketing list let’s you communicate them in an environment in which you don’t have to compete with other businesses.

“A common perception is that the text message has been usurped by mobile email, which in turn is being displaced by social networks,” said Paul Lee, head of telecoms and technology research at Deloitte. “Yet, there still appears to be plenty of life left in the humble text message. The intensity of usage of text messages remains high.”  More than three out of 10 of those aged between 18 and 24 send at least one text message every hour, the research found, and that doesn’t even include children and teenagers who send even more than that.

SMS text messaging still remains the only marketing channel in which you are almost guaranteed your customers will read your offer. Think to the last time your phone beeped alerting you to a new text message. How long did it take you to read the message? If you are like your customers, you probably read it within a few minutes. When you send an offer, it is opened and read no matter where your customers are. When comparing to email, social media or direct mail lists, text messages provide the immediate open and read rates that are crucial to executing a marketing campaign.

No matter the mobile device your customers use, you can connect with them via SMS marketing. We would still recommend you take advantage of free mobile marketing apps to market to smartphone users but don’t neglect the simple text message which lets you market to all customers.


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