And posted on HUMP DAY no less *giggles*!

1. Don’t try to sleep with someone on the first date
There is nothing worse than when someone sends you a direct message trying to sell you something or posts “spammy” stuff to your wall, or tags you in a photo that has nothing to do with you, right after you follow them.

2. Most people like to get to know someone before jumping into bed
Try “holding hands and snuggling” before you start selling people stuff.

3. Don’t expect overnight success
Keep the long-term goals in mind. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

4. Treat others with respect
When someone likes you and you don’t feel the same way there is NO good reason to be mean to them. Calling people derogatory names or spreading rumors is No Bueno!

5. Not everybody is who they say they are
Just because I proclaim expert status and post certifications on my website doesn’t mean squat. There are a lot of posers out there. Watch, listen and get to know people before doing business with them.

6. Don’t kiss and tell
You can be personable without being too personal.

7. Just like STD’s Watch out for VTD’s (Virtually Transmitted Diseases)
Some people out there don’t get it, be careful what links you open. Use common sense. If it looks strange and says something like “ha ha is this you” it might be a VTD.

8. Some people are addicted to Sex but don’t care about the relationship
Service is just as important as the sale.

9. No one likes to be manipulated
There is nothing worse than bait and switch marketing, be transparent and if  you say you are giving something away for free, don’t ask me for money.

10. Not everybody needs Viagra
I get at least one link to buy Viagra a week….come on people! Know your audience and try to target what their needs are!